Cataract assessment and management


Cataract Assessment

A cataract is a common eye disease in which the lens of your eye, which is usually clear, becomes cloudy or opaque. For some people cataracts are barely noticeable and do not require much attention. For others, however, the problem can become severe and require surgery.

It is important to get your eyes tested regularly for cataracts. The average person with cataracts does not notice the symptoms, and so a visit to the clinic can help diagnose the problem before it becomes severe. Patients with severe cataracts will notice a decrease in the clarity of their vision that is not fully corrected when they use glasses. Patients also report a loss of sensitivity to color and shadows, as well as disturbing glares.

Cataract Diagnosis

If we diagnose you with cataracts, we may simply recommend a change of glasses, the use of sunglasses or even just using better lighting when you read. For the majority of patients,

this is all it takes and the cataracts are not too bothersome. We are happy to provide all the help needed in managing your cataracts and living a normal, healthy life.

Cataract Treatment

For some patients, however, surgical removal is the best option. This is only suggested when the patient is unable to function day to day in their regular way due to impaired vision. Since cataracts do not usually harm your eye, it is possible to have surgery to simply remove them with no bad effects. This procedure is extremely safe and performed regularly around the United States – more than 2 million cataract surgeries are performed here annually.

With cataract surgery, we remove the lens of the eye and place an artificial lens there instead. In order for it to fit, we take measurements for the size, shape and power of the lens so it suits you.