What is a Stye?

A stye, also known as a hordeolum, is a condition where the oil ducts along the eyelids gets clogged and infected. This infection is caused by a common bacteria found in our hair and skin, mainly Staphylococcus.  Styes can occur on the outside or inside of the eyelid and can be painful as the area becomes red and swollen.  

What are the Symptoms of a Stye?

Styes can be painful, tend to be red, and can cause swelling of the upper or lower eyelid.  The swelling can either spread to the entire eyelid or develop into a small hard bump.  Although you should never try to pop the stye, pus can be discharged if you push on it.

What are the Possible Treatments?

Styes are typically treated with a warm compress several times a day.  Severe cases may need topical antibiotic or steroid drops.